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Does Music Therapy Help

Written By : demo1 Date : 2011 October 27
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According to CAMT: Music therapy is the skillful use of music and musical instruments by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain, and restore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Music has non-verbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities. These are used in the therapeutic relationship to facilitate contact, interaction, self-awareness, learning, self-expression, communication, and personal development.

What do you think about this approach to improve mental and spiritual health??

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Khan1 Says:
Date : 2012 Fabruary 13
No doubt music therapy works well for depression and tension.
10Saaid Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 09
I personally think that this approach to improve mental and spiritual health via music is a great idea. I've personally experienced how music can change ones mental state in minutes. Music like 'Qawali' boosts up the spiritual health while on the other hand music like 'Trance' improves the mental health, helps relax your mind and body. But how so ever, I also believe that music to affect ones life is all about the persons perception how music will affect him/her. You have to believe that it will cause a change and that is the psychological affect that our brain generates. Sometimes people don't really know what to feel when listening to certain kind of music and thus they don't feel anything but once told by someone how he or she feels when listening to some particular kind music, the feeling automatically settles down in your mind and then next time you listen to such music you feel the same way. For instance for me trance was just music, it was when my friend told me how he felt when he listened to ASOT, i started to feel the mild hypnosis myself.
Pixymixy2 Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 10
yoga, excercise, music,healing ,spiritualism , movies, poetry,beauty, nature, religion, medicine all are the things which a food to the soul.music is one of the powerful medium to enrich ur soul .and when the soul is enriched alot of diseases of the body can be healed. so i personally believe that thru music alot can be done . whatever spiritual and mental progress we have achieved as a human being it has alot to do with the fact that music feeds our soul and it has a great power to go beyond the realms of material and seep into the reality of our soulsand what are we apart from being the spirit who are having a human experience.alot of spiritual leaders have used music as a source of preaching and teaching spirituality and healing of the soul. especially in our region example are bullah shah ,and other poets. even quran is recited in a certain way. in the western world beethoven is said to be the music healer . i do believe that it is the beautiful way to cure oneself and others
$idra Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 10
Well… I think that in today’s era, the inability to maintain work-life balance has caused a lot of stress and anxiety among our young generation. Moreover, good entertainment requires a lot of time and money, which most people are unable to afford… in such a situation, music is one stress relieving thing which is just a click away…..and what a huge collection we have: traditional, contemporary, country, hard rock, ghazals……… to suit to each kind of our mood swings…. When we are happy, we go for dancing numbers, when we are celebrating weddings in our Asian region, we make medleys of all the traditional Shaadi Songs, be them Hindi or Pakistani…..not only in happy moments, but they are great soothers in sad times too… Ghazals, Qawalis (as mentioned in the previous comment too) facilitate soul-searching, which otherwise is hardly ever done…..I certainly believe that music therapy is as good as any other therapy …. Deep, thought-provoking verses of songs sometimes act like eye openers and their beautiful lyrics sung in amazing voices mesmerize us and take us to another world full of bliss……
Saira Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 11
well said.....pixymixy
Saira Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 15
Being a teacher of elementary school, I must say... there is deep influence of music on child’s development. Studies after studies are showing that learning music can make kids smart. Also it noticed that Pattern recognition and mental representation scores improved significantly in students who were given a 3-year piano instruction. According to maria Montessori,.....Children should receive music instruction during their sensitive period, ages two through six. A problem occurs when children do not receive music instruction during these sensitive periods because they lose out on valuable brain growth and development.
Najmi Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 15
Music is a source which helps to take our all sorrows, tensions, depression on it and in turn relieves us from all burdens and takes us into the state of peace and stability. Being a musician I had noticed no matter what the negative situation you are in, music refreshens you amazingly providing an environment of happiness and satisfaction. I agree and believe that music in all aspects obviously improves mental and spiritual health, infact the biggest need of the time otherwise life would have become colourless and meaningless as well.
Numz Says:
Date : 2011 Novemver 15
well i agree with all the above comments........music can be a great source for reducing anxiety, tension, and depression syndromes as it connects u with ur spirit. not forgetting the suffiana kalam that takes u out of this materialistic world...at the same time individuals perception and understanding about music is also of great importance...coz this decides how much importance does music have in ur life....

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